Logic Problems

If pure logic and giving your grey matter a thorough work-out is your idea of puzzle heaven, then Logic Problems is the puzzle magazine for you! Each issue is packed with 50 entertaining and challenging puzzles spread across 64 pages. Never has cold hard logic been more fun. Follow a story, deduce the facts, and tick off what’s true and what’s false in a special grid. But beware of the baffling linguistic turns of phrase! Can you work out what’s fact and what’s fiction? Have you the brain power to cross-reference facts to reach a unique solution? For new readers, there are guides to solving the simpler puzzles in each issue. And, in addition, each puzzle comes with a comprehensive text solution, should you get stuck. This fun magazine also includes an array of other classic logic puzzles, including: Pixel Puzzles (a pixelated picture-forming puzzle), Enigma (a mind-bending Japanese puzzle of logical trails), Battleships (the classic find-the-fleet puzzle), Logi-5 (an early version of an irregular Sudoku puzzle), Sudoku, and Domino Search, based on the classic tile game. As each issue is also packed with some fabulous big-prize competitions, Logic Problems is the logical conclusion to any hunt for pure logistical fun.

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